Judicial Sale of 497 S. River Road, Grottoes, VA 24441

Augusta County

Stephen K. Strosnider has been appointed Special Commissioner by the Augusta County Circuit Court to conduct a judicial sale of the property located at 497 S. River Road, Grottoes, Virginia 24441. The sale is being conducted pursuant to the Decree dated June 5, 2017, entered in Augusta County Circuit Court Case No. CL15000606-00, which authorizes the Special Commissioner to sell the property either by private sale or public auction.

Interested bidders should contact Mr. Strosnider directly (540.946.4414) to discuss the sales price and terms. All contracts for the sale of the property are subject to judicial confirmation and will not become valid and binding unless and until the Circuit Court enters a decree confirming the proposed sales price and terms.

The property is further identified on the Augusta County tax map as Parcel ID No.: 39-32. A more precise legal description of the property is available upon request (540.946.4414). Further information can be located on the Zillow listing for this property, but the Firm makes no representation of the accuracy of the information provided by Zillow.com.

This information is being provided subject to the disclaimers stated in the “General Information on Foreclosure and Other Sales,” the link to which is located at the top of this page.